7th MozCafe Hyderabad | 17th March,2013 @ Barista

Hi all,

+Mozilla Club Hyderabad has hosted its 7th MozCafe +Barista Lavazza in Hyderabad for about 1.5 hrs.

There are about  7 Mozillians +Vineel Reddy Pindi , +Galaxy Kadiyala , +barath vutukuri , +viswanatham santosh+Raghu ram+Vivek Kiran+Srikar Ananthula (Me).

  1. We had a discussion about Firefox Flicks by +Galaxy Kadiyal. 
  2. How to expand local community by +Vineel Reddy Pindi 
  3. Discussion on delivering sessions in colleges by +Srikar Ananthula 
  4. +Vivek Kiran , +Raghu ram , +viswanatham santosh , +barath vutukuri shared their views regarding the Firefox OS and we all are super excited about it.

    Thanks to all who participated.



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